Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time Away

Getting out the the normal routine is invigorating, and can certainly shift my perspective. 

Ah, to breathe the air of a different city.  My sister and I went to Berkeley for the weekend to visit my nephew.  We just missed the rain, and while still cold and blustery, it was great weather.

Conor was a terrific tour guide...showing us the campus and the city.  It was great to walk..and walk and walk.   
Sather Tower

Mom and son at the top of the Campanile tower

A view of the bay from the tower

Berkeley's Thai Temple
Soup and Kanom Krog
Walking and cold weather stimulated the appetites and we ate very well.  Berkeley has so much to offer in the way of culinary choices.  one of the special meals was at the Thai Buddhist Temple, Wat Mongkolratanaram, a popular local brunch spot.  On Sundays, the temple cooks up delicious meals for the public at very reasonable prices.  It was hopping, but not quite as busy as normal, according to Conor.  Worth braving the cold wind for! Yummy soup curry and Kanom Krog (a subtly sweet dessert of coconut milk, green onion, rice flour and sugar).

Also wonderful: The Indian cuisine of Mint Leaf  (try the Chicken Pomegranate); and the rather trendy but delicious Gather, where I had a delicately curry spiced carrot soup and shared melt in your mouth roast chicken among other treats.

The Berkeley Art Museum has a number of fascinating current exhibits, including Abstract Expressionist paintings and drawings from the museum's collection, Buddhist art over the centuries in Himalayan Pilgrimage , Andy Warhol polaroids and much more.  It had been many years since I visited both the city and the museum...Do check out the exhibits and the food if you are in the area.

I feel much renewed by this time spent with Karen and Conor. 


  1. thanks for a stroll over the campus my brother went to (many,many years ago) and the introduce to good food in a place I'd never have thought to look. This is very close to where I reside.

  2. Love your tour of Berkeley. The tree images are special for me now as I am working on a quilt of some huge trees. I love the mystery that the branches weave on a scene.
    Take care,

  3. Thanks, Lynn and Judy, glad you enjoyed it!


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