Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Fluid Fissure 3 -
© 2012 Linda A. Miller
Introducing Fluid Fissure 3... materials and techniques include hand dyed cotton, appliqued silk, oil sticks, machine quilted, hand couched yarn, hand embroidered.  Much of the texture comes from quilting the cotton on wool felt, then washing and drying for shrinkage, followed by the embellishing.  This has become one of my favorite explorations at the moment. Fluid Fissure is off to a call for entry....will keep you posted.

This week was my art group's monthly meeting.  Fiber Fanatics, always a wonderful and valuable gathering with sharing art, laughter, great food and conversation.  I love seeing what each person has been up to over the month.  I was reminded of Jamie Fingal's House Quilt Project again, as two of our group contributed recently.  See Roberta Walley's and Sally Wright's quilts.  Do you belong to an group?  Do you find it supportive?  I most certainly do!  Thanks, Ladies!

With all the copyright issues brought up recently through Pinterest discussions, thought I would share this link on creating watermarks on your photographs with Photoshop.  It is easy to do.


  1. What a colourful piece, Linda! Good luck with the Call for Entry. :-)

  2. Fluid Fissure 3 is gorgeous. Good luck!


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