Thursday, February 23, 2012


Finally posting a quilt which I had held off sharing with you due to potential entry restrictions.  Meet Articulated.

Articulated  © 2011 Linda A. Miller

I began this piece several years ago with appliqued "vertebrae", inspired by the background pattern from my hand dye.  Some work takes time to resolves itself, so it resided on and off my quilt wall until last fall.  I experimented with weaving strips of complementary fabrics for a border, and here you have the result.  A few details to sort out, but very happy to have it mostly completed! 

The end of the lunar cycle this week brings a variety of celebrations.  On our President's Day, Hindus enjoyed Maha Shivaratri festivals, celebrated yearly in reverence of Lord Shiva.  Tuesday was Mardi Gras.   While many were preparing for Ash Wednesday and Lent,  I went to Losar (Tibetan New Year) festivities at my local Shambhala Meditation Center.  2012 is year of the Water Dragon, similar to the Chinese calendar.  I was born a water dragon myself, and this year is predicted to be auspicious.  May it bring good fortune and resolution to all!  I am ready for a shift in perspective, are you?

Ai Weiwei's Dragon from his astrological sculptures at LACMA

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