Friday, January 13, 2012

Alpaca Knitting

Alpaca new years socks completed!  What a joy these were to do, even with learning to knit toe up for the first time...quick work, and cozy on my feet.  Thanks to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and a splash of difference to make them ala Linda.  Aptly named "foot ovens" by Stephanie and family, toasty warm!
Learned some great new techniques along the way, with Judy Becker's Magic Cast On  and short row heels.  Try them and have fun!


  1. Cute socks! I like the cuff. Yes, the yarn harlot can be very helpful with knitting socks. Which book did that come from?

  2. These look great, Linda and yes, oh! So cozy! :-)

  3. Thanks Ladies! Cindy the "pattern" is on her blog...follow the link in my post.

  4. Wonderful! Looks like you have happy feet. I do not knit-yet- but I always where colorful socks to my yoga class in the winter- such a mood lifter to have happy feet!

  5. Yes, Teri...warm feet are happy feet in my book!


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