Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishing Trees

After a delicious afternoon tea at the downtown location of Chado Tea Room (one of my favorite tea places, with over 300 choices of teas!), my friend and I came across these Wishing Trees in the Japanese Village Plaza of Little Tokyo.  After doing some research, I learned that one of the shop owners created the trees for the annual August Tanabata Festival, where wishes are written on paper and tied to the trees. Later, the bamboo trees are to be thrown into a river or set on fire at a shrine, and the wishes are said to come true.  Read more in the LA Times article.  Here it is November, and the trees are still there, so I hope these wishes will be fulfilled.
On a side note, there are two live wish trees at the Arlington Garden donated by Yoko Ono.  She must have had this tradition in mind.  Do you know of anymore?  I love the idea....

Here is a related photograph from Sacred Threads 2011...this was the expressions tree where viewers of the exhibit wrote responses, prayers, comments on silk ribbons and decorated the tree.


  1. Beautiful tradition. I had never heard of it.

  2. I thought so too, Judy.


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