Monday, August 1, 2011

IQF 2011

The International Quilt Festival came to Long Beach last week and I headed down on Saturday.  Always so much to take in and do...preferring to really SEE something I go to exhibits that draw me vs. trying to see it all in one day.  I divided my time between SAQA booth volunteer hours, visiting with friends, exhibits and brief visit to vendor areas.  The exhibits I found most intriguing and exciting were SAQA's Sightlines  (very impressive to see in person.), Dinner at Eight Artists The Space Between and Quilts on the Wall Bridges.  One of the wonderful quilts in Bridges was by my friend Sally Wright with Rainy Day San Franciso- October 2010.  So much work of high caliber in all that I saw.  Sorry, no photos allowed for most exhibits... but here are a few shots of work that caught my attention from other exhibits.  Disclaimer, the photos really do not do them justice.  These from Text on Textiles-

Lisa O'Neill,  Wilde Ideas - Strings Attached

Deb Cashatt & Kris Sazaki, Fault Line
 And this one from West Coast Wonders by my friend Sherry Kleinman (who happened to have a photo of the work printed in the local paper) -

Sherry Davis Kleinman, Malibu Beach
Inspiration...excitement..exaustion.  Now back to the studio.....


  1. I saw Sightlines in Denver when I went to the SAQA Conference. It is really impressive. Glad you had the opportunity to see it and so much more.

  2. Yes, it was really worth seeing..along with so many other shows. I would like to have seen the Australian exhibit that inspired Sightlines.

  3. Thanks for giving a shout out to my Truth quilt!

  4. Happy to Lisa! The photo does not show all the wonderful details that you put in. It makes a terrific statement.


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