Monday, August 29, 2011

Exhibiting Textiles

I attended the SAQA SoCal meeting this weekend, held at the Front Porch Gallery. This was a rare treat that coincided with a family visit. It is always inspiring to hear and see what other artists are up to.  
Julie Weaverling, the Front Porch director, spoke on the subject of hanging textiles from a gallery's perspective.  This is always an meaty subject with quilts in particular.  As many of you know, each venue can have different specifications for art work.  "Ready for hanging" could mean only having an attached hanging sleeve, if the venue provides their own hanging system.  For others this could mean sleeve with slat, or dowel, or even prepared with wire.  It can get confusing, so asking each site at the onset for clear requirements is essential.  Julie gave us some ideas what galleries like to have for efficient installation.  If in a frame, D-rings screwed to the back of frame and picture wire are the best choice.  Some artists mount their pieces on a hard surface, such as acrylic or stretched canvas, though these are not common choices for quilters.  According to Julie, great options for the majority that use sleeves are thin acrylic or wood slats, with holes drilled on each side to accommodate a nail.  The thinness of the slat (relative to the size of the piece) will allow the quilt to hang flush to the wall, a key point.  She also mentioned the importance of careful preparation of presentation and shipping of the work.  It all reflects on the artwork.  
Thanks, Julie.  It was a valuable learning experience.  Thanks to our reps, Mary Tabar and Sandi Hankins for organizing this event.  And I got to see "Sharing Stories" once again before it closes this Sunday.


  1. Hi Linda, thanks for the post, I was just getting ready to post on the SAQA blog and deleted all my photos from Saturday, could I post your post on the blog?thanks for the info

  2. Isn't that frustrating when that happens? Yes, it is fine to post my post!


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