Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Striations

Striations 2  © 2011 Linda A. Miller

I would like to share another quilting process that I have been experimenting over the past year.  The Striations series are a variation in my continuing "flow" theme.  Trying a different approach with Striations 2, I started with two squares (roughly 14"), one black and one lavender, which were backed with wool felt, and free motion quilted.  After quilting, both are washed in hot water and dried in the dryer.  This produces shrinkage which adds to textural interest to the surface.  Once dried, the two colors are stacked together and a curving line is cut across the middle. (Note: What shows in the photo below are the remaining halves, due to deciding to document  this process after the fact.) 

Detail: Cut sections with oil stick embellishment
Foiling and applique completed

Each section receives linear designs of foiling and oil sticks.  Top and bottom sections are appliqued with satin stitch on turquoise cotton, leaving a revealing turquoise gap.  This gap of "water" was threadpainted.  The vertical flame pieces were fused on ( I prefer Wonder Under). More machine quilting is added, with hand embroidery and hand couching yarn.  Once the backing was on, a few finishing details of machine quilting were added prior to binding the 12" square quilt.

Detail: Foiling, applique, couching embroidery

Detail: Foiling, applique, couching embroidery

More to come in the future as I continue to explore.  A note about this technique...I first learned about it through Karen Rips.  Check out her fantastic work!  I would love to hear about some of the techniques that you find intriguing...


  1. Cool, Linda; very cool, actually -- and serendipitous too, for me anyway -- because in the next part of my C&G Module 4, I have to work with curved piecing! :-)

  2. Have fun with your curves, Margaret! Post them so I can see!


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