Friday, July 22, 2011

Disappearing 9 Patch

As mentioned in a recent post, I have been working on gift bed quilt.  Since it has been several years since I have taken on such a large project, it seemed a good opportunity to share the process with you.  Log Cabin is a long time favorite pattern of mine, but this time I chose something new,  using Disappearing Nine Patch for the flexibility of design and colors.  In researching the pattern, I found Popular Patchwork's site very helpful, especially for calculation of square sizes, by offering a downloadable instruction PDF.  Once my nephew made his color choices, I could go ahead with buying fabric...and I had a great time looking at all the fabulous batiks out there.  With a good variety of darks and lights, I was ready to begin.

I chose to make 5" squares and assembled them into Nine Patch blocks with a central accent square in black.  The blocks were then cut into four equal pieces as shown below.

I went with a symmetrical arrangement of the 7" blocks, but there are many choices you could make.  I have to say I enjoyed the rhythm of piecing again, as it is not something I use in my artwork these days.  Once the blocks were sewn together and borders on, the quilting could begin.  I used a basic grid pattern for the central block area, with free motion on the border, and was happy with the results.  Not having a long arm, this worked out well on my machine, along with changing the configuration of my workspace to accommodate the large quilt.

At last I have a finished quilt - about 62" x 68".  A satisfying feeling.  Enjoy, Kevin!   
And now I can happily go back to smaller projects waiting in the wings.


  1. Love the magic of turning a square and getting a totally different look.

  2. Love this pattern -- and your colour selection, Linda! I made a DNP as one of the quilts for Japan in April. Great fun -- and a great way to use charm squares. :-)

  3. Yes, it is fun..thanks for all your comments.

  4. OK, Now i'm really making one! Off to Long Beach Festicval to fabric shop. Thanks Linda for the tutorial....

  5. You are welcome, Sally! Have fun with yours...


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