Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I created a prayer flag for Vivika DeNegre's project.  "Trust" is for all of us to connect with what is good in our lives, and to remember that goodness is always available within us.  For a start, I send this out to my nephew going to his first college orientation.  May he trust himself enough to maintain a sense of openness moving out into the world.

To make the flag, I used some raw silk from my stash that I had covered with leaf rubbings several years ago, to that I appliqued, painted and embroidered further on the flag.  

It is a pleasure to contribute to another flag project in a new format, and widen the creative circle connecting to and celebrating positive energy. To those of you new to my blog...I hope you will take a look at the prayer flag project - the Bhavana Project -  that I began in 2005.  Click on the page link .  Synchronicity is a wonderful mystery!


  1. welcome to the prayer flag project, Linda! http://theprayerflagproject.blogspot.com/

  2. Happy to be a part of it, Jane!


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