Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspired Energy

I am thrilled and honored to have my piece, "Energy", juried in to Sacred Threads 2011 in the Inspiration category! 
The show runs June 22 - July 4, at the Church of the Epiphany, 3301 Hidden Meadow Drive, Herndon, Virginia.

I feel a great affinity with this biennial exhibition, "established to provide a venue for quilters who see their work as a connection to the sacred and/or as an expression of their spiritual journey. The objective is to create a dignified exhibition of artwork that touches on both spiritual and personal levels for all those who view it". 

The sun has long been a powerful personal symbol in my life.  My imagery is inspired by that natural force itself, as well as being influenced by a practice of yoga, meditation, and eastern studies.  Traditionally, the sun has been praised in numerous forms in eastern mythology as the source of light, nourishment, wisdom and clarity.  It was a natural direction to move in with my work, taking up the challenge of portraying this uplifting subject, and sharing my interpretation with others.

Detail of thread painted, appliqued sun

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flags Moving Forward

Here is the latest edition...  Bhavana Project Set 3 is on the move again!  Ann Gray Fallat and Monica Molho created wonderful flag drawing inspiration from yoga and Sanskrit studies.  The words written are: "Om lam bhumyai namah".  Lam is a Sanskrit seed syllable denoting the earth.  This line speaks of bowing down to the earth, honoring all that is rooted on and in it.  Thank you, Ladies, for your beautifully rendered contribution!

Stay tuned for more, friends.

Photo by Ann Gray Fallat

Photo by Linda Miller

Monday, April 11, 2011

Exhibits and Acceptances

 I received the wonderful news that my quilt "Meandering Flow" has been accepted into PAQA-South's "ARTQuilts Movement" to be exhibited at the Durham Arts Council's Siemens and Allenton galleries in North Carolina from May 20 through July 24!  
Other venues showing my work include the Discovery Collection special exhibit at the Denver National Quilt Festival opening on April 28 through May 1, and the Surface Design Association's "Merge and Flow" in Minneapolis from June 9 to June 30.  Also, the local exhibit "Artistic Fiber and Quilted Creations" continues until May 8 at the Esplanade Arts Center in San Jacinto.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Here is Sharon Kagan's and Karen Michaels' Bhavana Project contribution that completed the first set in 2006.  Sharon said,  "The journey with the flags was incredible. I went with my friend Karen. I chose to use my “knitting” motif as a symbol of the unity of all things. The writing began with the word “YES”. And then we wrote all the things we were saying yes to. It became a conversation with the flags…We continued writing on the flag as we hiked and then displayed them…I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project. It was very fulfilling."

Zabriskie Point

Monday, April 4, 2011


 I feel renewed from my meditation weekend intensive with mindfulness awareness.  That is not to say that all the time was relaxing, far from it...meeting our minds is not always easy.  I am just beginning to learn about patience.

"Patience takes courage.  It is not an ideal state of calm.  In fact, when we practice patience we will see our agitation far more clearly."  - Pema Chodron

Friday, April 1, 2011

Walking the Labyrinth

Reconnecting with my meditation practice by going to a retreat this weekend.  I have gotten off track with that practice in past weeks... and this will help make a fresh start in the new season.  Went to a wonderful talk by Steve Saitzyk on creativity and meditation last night through Shambhala Art.  Many great reminders to make time to does change how I am in my life, and in creative practice.  I am clearer and quieter, less reactive.
Here I share with you photos from my pre-talk visit to the Arlington Garden.  A beautiful respite from the cross town freeway drive.  And with a labyrinth, too.


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