Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have updated the Bhavana Project site and linked it to this blog's Flag Page.  Check it out!
Also, I wanted to share with you another flag from the first set in 2005.  My friend Chris Dormaier, a Seattle based yoga therapist, chose Courage for her theme.  She shared her thoughts: "At first I was intimidated by the depth of the messages that were already done, and then I realized that that was exactly what I was going to put on mine was the thing I was feeling FEAR. We live in such a fear based society right now, that we must be vigilant about not letting it get to us. So Courage is the word I chose." 
I appreciate the power and simplicity of her flag.

The flags will be returning soon...are you ready to particpate with us?!


  1. How neat! I believe that 'courage' comes in part from the French word for 'heart': coeur -- as in 'take heart'. :-)

  2. Thank you Margaret! I like that link to the "take heart"! So appropriate!


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