Friday, December 10, 2010

Softer Season

I am taking the season in measured steps this year. As the marketplace pushes shop-buy-spend, I am keeping it simple and honoring a more reflective state.  Around this time each year my natural inclination moves in a quiet inner direction, undoubtedly following the waning of the days. Then the holidays hit in a big city way, and it becomes a push to do everything with me crashing after it is all over. I am saying, not this year! My family has decided to simplify with the gift giving. I am postponing non-essential projects. And I am doing what I love, such as going to hear music, visiting with friends and family. What better gift can there be than that?

Last weekend was another superb concert by the Orange County Women’s Chorus.  I have seen the chorus grow in presence and ability over the years of attending these musical events, which started because a good friend is one of the singers. Their artistic director, Eliza Rubenstein, always seems to find unique pieces to present.  This program, “Ice Age - Come into the Cold”, was no exception. One selection was based on a collection of Japanese Haiku poems…when sung by female voices was so fine! One of the poems below:

“The winter’s fitful gusts, as they expire,
Bring enough fallen leaves to build a fire.” 


  1. Fabulous. Simpler is better. I'm making gifts this year and not pushing myself. I am in no way in the rush of things. It is the exact opposite of what Christmas is. A night of joy, praise, quiet and awe. Love your new traditions!

  2. Lovely post, Linda. I so much agree with the sentiment. And the pomegranete is beautiful!
    I like how you have your blog update show up on Facebook. It that hard to do?

  3. It is a wonderful gift to be able to slow down and enjoy the holidays and not be pushed into the craziness that surrounds us. You are an inspiration and this is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  4. Thank you all for your comments... so glad it is helpful!

  5. Such inspiring thoughts. And the pomegranate is gorgeous!


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