Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last of 2010

The end of  the year is upon us.  In the latest e-newsletter Robert Genn writes about things we may not see anymore, such as newspapers, and things, such as electronic books, that may become more a part of our lives.  I know there are differing opinions about that subject, but my main focus from the article is that art making is also growing...  Genn writes "art fills a vital human need for life enhancement. Art reboots the cerebral cortex, teaches new skills to underutilized hands, arouses dormant sensitivities and promotes latent passions. If need be, art gives us something to talk about besides the kids, grandkids and celebrities, hence making us more interesting people."  There is something about the connection of working with our hands...the link of hand to eye that people find fulfilling, especially in today's fast paced high tech times.  So I will continue to celebrate art, and the inward journey of discovery that it inspires! 
...And you may have noticed a change in the look of my blog.  I have redesigned it with a lighter feel for the new year.  The process was fun and easy with Blogger.  I do appreciate the technology we have, but for me it will never take the place of simple hand work.
Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Happy New Year, Linda! I like your new look. Must admit I disagree with Genn (I get his newsletter too)...There's something about books especially (newspapers, not so much!) -- touch, smell as well as heft in the hand. And it's much better on the eyes to read hard copy than from a screen all the time...

    Plus...bookmaking is an art! And even bookbinding is a creative activity that's not dead yet!

    Have a great year -- see you in Denver!

  2. I prefer the "real" books, too, Margaret. I have heard that bookbinding training at one college back east has a waiting it is not a lost art yet.

  3. Me too! I much prefer real books. Real books don't need batteries!

    I hope you have a happy New Year!


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