Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Tradition

I was reminded of  a holiday tradition in our family, which my Mother started some 20 years ago.  Each year we write or draw on the tablecloth after the meal is over, something the kids have enthusiastically enjoyed doing.   We continue this process even though I host the holiday meals now...the tablecloth is brought along. 
Throughout the year between the holidays, Mom embroiders over the writing and images.  It has become a history of our family as my nephews were growing up.  There were Lego, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings theme years.  There were reminders of special visitors. 

It is a beautiful hierloom thanks to Mom's fine needlework skills.  My own journey and love for the hand arts began as a young person due to my Mother's influence.  It is undoubtedly in our family genes.  What family traditions do you continue? 


  1. Linda, this is such a lovely tradition, and so wonderful that it came from your mother. Most of my fiber and fabric skills come from outside the family, although the earliest introduction to them did start with close female relatives. I am curious to know what sort of writing instruments are used so that they don't show after the embroidery is done?

  2. What a delightful tradition! Our cloths were always kept for 'best' -- so drawing on 'em was not an option....

  3. Generally cloths are not to be written...so you see the appeal! We have used all kinds of permanent markers...sometimes they do show up under the thread.

  4. I love your tradition! My daughter made a table cloth with blank squares for my granddaughter's birthday. Each year, everyone at her party signs in that year's square. It will be fun for her to look back on one day and see who attended each of her parties.

  5. That is another lovely tradition!


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