Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comings, Goings, & Doings

Some updates - "Flowing On" (photos on June 10th post) has gone to Road to California for the January show, while "Flowing Through" is returning from the Fiberarts V exhibit in Sebastopol. 
Flowing On  -  22.5" x 17"  © 2010 Linda A. Miller
Flowing On  -  22.5" x 17" 
© 2010 Linda A. Miller

"Landscape" has sold and found a new home!  This sun imagery from 2008 includes hand dyed painted cotton, fusible applique and threadwork.

Meanwhile, work continues with texture experiments....or will resume again after the holidays.  I was inspired by Karen Rips and C. June Barnes.  Playing with wool batting and wool felt that creates shrinkage and distortion when washed.  The possibilities...ooo!

In progress - Detail


  1. The peek at the work in progress is very intriguing. I've never worked with wool batting before. Does it always shrink?

  2. It has a normal shrinkage about 3%, but I am going for more so felt may be my better option. I wash in hot water and dry in dryer, too.

  3. Linda, have you ever thought of starting an Etsy page?

  4. I love both the colors and textures of your work in progress. The new owner of Landscape is very lucky!


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