Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blossoming Evolves

One of the benefits of not overdoing with holiday preparations is that I have had time to watch and document the evolving blossoms of a Christmas Cactus.  This plant did not bloom last year, so I repotted it in the spring.  Obviously very happy, it has now gone wild with blossoming.  It was calling to me to be painted.   The first of the series is on my last post.  Here are three more, done in a variety of styles.  Hope you enjoy seeing the flowers as much as I have enjoyed painting them (while appreciating amazing nature).  May your holidays be wonderful!


  1. Love your little cactus studies! My new-to-me plant is all buds; the blooms it had when I bought it are gone now. But I just might have to pause to see it more clearly...


  2. Your paintings are beautiful. Seems that your Christmas Cactus is very happy in its new pot! I was happy to see Jane LaFazio is planning to start her class again in the Spring through Joggles. After seeing your paintings I may have to sign up.

  3. Thanks! The upcoming class is on location sketching...Jane is a wonderful instructor and I hope you join in. I am planning on it.


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