Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shoes and More Shoes

Our sketch journal lesson for the week is footwear...I am having so much fun, even dug out some old platforms as subject matter.  But also a reminder that, as Frederick Franck writes, "...a drawing is not a thing but an act."   It is the process that I become absorbed in.


  1. Love your style. Just gorgeous! Nice variety, too. But I definitely understand how the same person can wear all three pairs, because I would! This class is way too much fun.

  2. Awesome shoe collection and wonderfully drawn and painted. Bravo!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Yes this class is fun...as well as a challenge. And thanks for following, Cheryl and Lynn!

  4. I love that you wore those platforms, and even more, that you still have them! These are so great, Linda! Inspiring and fresh to me. Ahhhh.

  5. These are more like sculpture..so I kept them!


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