Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leaf Week

So the lesson this past week has been greens and leaves.  Have you looked at leaves lately?  I mean really see them?  Oh my, so complex! The wonder of nature.  The challenge for me is not to try to get all the details right...then I tighten up.  I aim to be lighter with my painting.  I am loving connecting hand and eye again. 


  1. Your leaves are wonderful! They inspire me to get my watercolors out and play!

  2. I like your leaves, Linda, but here...well, ours are no longer green, and most of 'em are on the ground, under snow...or in the compost, or mulching the flower beds, also under snow.... :-)

  3. Yes, that was the comment by others in the class from other parts of the country.

  4. No wonder you liked the leaves on my blog. I hope I can capture just some of the beauty in my quilt art that you do in your painting.

  5. Thanks Judy! I am sure you will capture that beauty!


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