Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am a part of a Southern California fiber art group, Quilts on the Wall, that meets every other month.  This week quilts for the challenge "Discovery" are due.  The quilts will be traveling to different venues over the next two years.  My contribution, "An Opening Revealed", truly grew out of my own process of discovery.  Initially I had tried a number of ideas for the challenge that proved fruitless and the deadline was fast approaching!  I was feeling stuck and frustrated.  Ever been there??  Then later as I sorted through my hand dyed fabrics, a magenta piece jumped out at me. I could clearly see an image and where to begin with it. Creation became flow, and the process unfolded as I allowed the work to reveal itself stitch by stitch. In many ways the quilt represents the effortlessness that is available when I am open to my senses and to the moment rather than locked in thought.


  1. The organic nature of your work and process really draws me in. Beautiful! and is that an all-black cat you have?

  2. Thank you, Diana. The grey cat named Jackson was a friend's companion.


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