Monday, August 2, 2010

Tying up Loose Ends

This past week has been a time of getting out of my own way.  I am sure you know what I mean!  By letting the chatter of what I "should do" go,  I was able to focus in the moment and finish a number of  things.  Three pieces that have been in process are complete and photographed (though one has been problematic with color...sigh).  Feels like an accomplishment!  Two are in body of work for the Visioning Project, and I named them "Meandering Flow" 1 and 2.  I have been experimenting with mixed fabrics (cotton hand dyes, velvet, silk ribbon,sateen, plus more) and a simpler finish.  Lots of hand embroidery, which I find I am loving more and more. Something about the meditative quality of the hand work that I enjoy. 

"Essential Core" is the piece which was reconfigured from a quilt done last year and never felt "right".  Pleased and contented with the results.

Following through in the spirit of completion over the weekend, I was able to get a number of little projects done.  You know the ones, minor fixes that get put on the back burner for another time, then suddenly there is a whole list of things to do.  Feels like a weight off my shoulders.  Yes, it turned out a very saisfying week.


  1. I LOVE tying up loose ends! It gives such a sense of accomplishment and as you say....a weight off my shoulders. I need a weekend like that soon! Your quilts are beautiful.


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