Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Collage Time

We did some playful collage work in the last class of the Shambhala Art series.  I have worked with this technique before, and find it a great way to spark creativity.  If you haven't tried it yet....gather a number of image based magazines that you don't mind cutting up.  Giving yourself a short time frame, go through pulling out any images, words, colors that you are drawn to for whatever reason.  Don't think about it!  Once you have your group of images, give yourself another short time frame to create a collage, by ripping or cutting from the selection and glueing with glue stick.  There are no expectations, so I find I am always surprised with the results.  The pictured collage was to represent a direct felt sense of something, and was completed in about 5 minutes.  The fast process short circuits thinking and judging, so you are open to the moment and to trusting your intuition.  Try it  and have fun!  Let me know how it goes...

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