Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Amaryllis

I have an amaryllis blooming in the pot where there were blooms in May!  How often do you see that flower paired with basil in a photo?  This is normally the time I pull the pot aside to let dry out, but nature had other things in mind.  Perhaps the weather has had something to do with it.  Until now we have had a cooler southern California summer.  Fall heat is fairly typical here.  Yet fall is coming as I sense the change in the light...softer now.  Light is more a sign of the shifting of the seasons.


  1. Trade you. :-) My basil is in a marigold neighbourhood! :-)

  2. Your Amaryllis is beautiful and what a lovely surprise! I am so ready for Fall and a break from the Texas heat! You are right about the change in the light as Fall approaches.


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