Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art and Spirit

I read a blog ( ) today that triggered reflections to share with you.  I find myself in overwhelm when I am trying to do something for the future, and not being in the present.  We only have this present moment.  The simple act of coming back to my breath brings me home to myself.  It all reminds me that practice and life are one in the same.  Practice is showing up and being with what is here right now....whether that practice is for creative or spiritual means.  For me it is all one, interwoven parts that make the whole of my life.

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More on that theme in this wonderful article about "Art as Spiritual Practice" by Meredith Monk.  She writes "practice helps us to trust the unknown or the uncertainty of our passions and our sensations. I think that’s what we do as artists intuitively. For people who are not artists, it really helps in terms of understanding what the artistic process is and how that corresponds to the process of living fully. Actually, one could say that every person is an artist in how he or she lives his/her life."
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  1. Thank you for your comments and the link to my blog. You are absolutely right about becoming overwhelmed when we are not being in the present...and that we only have this present moment. That has been driven home to me this week. I will check out the article by Meredith Monk. Thanks!

  2. Hope you find the article helpful!


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