Monday, June 7, 2010

Flag Miracles

The flags are back.  Elizabeth did a fine job of sewing on the specially chosen milagros for a wonderful finishing touch!  So to recap, at the recent May Santa Fe outing this flag became a group project among dear friends, Lori Brody, Elizabeth Dailey, Debby Everett, Victoria Karno, Kate Matousek, and I.  We had fun deciding what to do and how to execute it.  I loved watching the interaction!  Some glitches in original plans did not hinder a great result.  The title is "Peace... a world of miracles" written in Spanish, which took some online research to get it right as our language skills were rusty. 

I think everyone enjoyed at least some of the creative process. Elizabeth felt the group experience was one of the highlights of the trip for her. 
Bravo Ladies!


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