Monday, June 28, 2010

Art Fest and Hiroshige

This weekend was filled with Shambhala Art Festival happenings.  Installation on Friday proved to be quite eye opening...starting with the arrival of seemingly unrelated art work, to the cohesiveness of the exhibit growing as the space was arranged.  It looked great and had a real flow to it when we were done!  Saturday was the big event with the art reception and demonstrations of contemplative arts such as Kado (Ikebana or flower arranging), writing and Kyudo (archery) all received by an appreciative audience.  I especially enjoyed the Kado...and was able to actually participate as one of the volunteers.  An interesting way to watch the mind reacting.  Beauty and simplicity in action.  In it I found new ways to approach my own working process. 
As for the exhibit.....only a number was posted along with each piece to encourage the viewer to experience the art with full senses, not just the mind.  A catalog was provided so that you could later find the artist and title information to re-experience the art.  This is a different way of approaching artwork, especially in our society.  Slow Art seems to be based on similar idea.  I very much enjoy this way of really fully see what is in front of me. 
Wonderful evening!
Go to flickr for pictures

An added unexpected surprise  for the weekend was at the Norton Simon Museum...We managed to catch an interesting and informative lecture on the 19th century Japanese woodblock master Hiroshige by author and guest curator Meher MacArthur .  The prints are lively and wonderful.  The extensive and exquisite exhibit  "Hiroshige: Visions of Japan"  is on until January 17, 2011.  I highly recommend it!

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