Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Away

I feel renewed and inspired from my recent trip to Santa Fe.  Time with dear friends and a new environment for a change.  My friends worked as a group on the next Bhavana Project flag.  I participated, but more in the background to give the others a chance to play and explore ....which they did... I will do a separate post of the process once the flag is completed. 
We went to see some outstanding art, of course.  Up on Museum Hill, the Museum of International Folk Art had a fabulous fiber exhibit called "Material World"  which included a wide variety of clothes, quilts, weavings from their collection: 

 At the Gerald Peters Gallery there were Ansel Adams photographs that yet again took my breath away.  Though I have seen them many times I am always drawn in by the compelling images of nature captured in Adams' evocative style.  A new discovery was the fine work of British watercolorist Tony Foster.  "Painting at the Edge of the World"  His imagery is also comes from nature, which he captures on treks in wildernesses.  Each painting is framed with symbolic souvenirs from the area...this really was interesting in helping to grasp the physicality of that particular spot.   

Watching the landscape far below from the homeward bound plane window, I saw so many wonderful patterns that reminded me of my blocks and flows.  The photos I took were not very clear, but will inspire drawings (and more??.....) that I am eager to get to work on!

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