Monday, May 3, 2010

Essential Core

I "finished" Essential Core last year, but the more I sat with it, the more unresolved it felt.  I began with some Photoshop Elements experiments to redesign EC...had not used Photoshop in this way before. What a great tool, I will certainly apply tool more in the future. Once I had my design direction, I went on to fabric and applique.  Of course things change once fabric gets involved, so the image continued to evolve to it's final state.
My process was to cut the old quilt to a new shape, face it with a piped edge to allow smoothness of the curves.  I created a full quilt for new back layer, and quilted it evenly all over, even areas that would be hidden once the top was on.  The former quilt is then appliqued on top, again evenly machine quilting it to adhere it fully to the new backing.
I am happy with the results, feeling it more fully expresses my idea. What is behind Essential Core? The core is a metaphor for our essential nature, always there, hidden beneath the layers.  These layers are slowly removed, much like peeling an onion, as we move on a path toward discovering our Self.

Quilt Before:

Quilt After:

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