Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Creativity for Peace

Bhavana Project Prayer Flags
Bhavana Project Flags 2012.  Photo by Judy Warner

Creativity for Peace is an organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico that works with young Israeli and Palestinian women on collaborative leadership and peacemaking through art and dialogue camps. My friend Debby Everett volunteers for the non-profit, and has participated in my prayer flag Bhavana Project numerous times.  Through her efforts, the third set of the Bhavana Project will be shown at Creativity for Peace's fundraising event this week.  There will be the opportunity for attendees to make their own prayer flags.  All very exciting!

As you may remember, the third set of flags was created around the theme "Reflections on Peace".  Most fitting for this event.  Stay tuned for more details and photos.

Bhavana Project Prayer Flags
Bhavana Project 2010.  Photo by Elizabeth Dailey.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July - Garden and Exhibit...

Happened to be nearby for lunch with a friend and seemed time to check out what's new at my favorite Arlington Garden.

Arlington Garden
Lovely blossoms

Arlington Garden
Not sure if these actually spray water.

Arlington Garden
Bird House with corn cobs...

Sacred Threads is now open through July 26th in Virginia.  My quilt Serenity is there, but I will not be attending, but perhaps some of you lucky ones will be going.  Let me know your thoughts if you do!  A few shots from the exhibit courtesy of the Sacred Threads Facebook page...

Sacred Threads
A pile of quilts...  Photo by Sacred Threads.

Sacred Threads
Prayer Flag table.  Photo by Sacred Threads.

Sacred Threads prayer flags
And Prayer Flags made.  Photo by Sacred Threads.

Sacred Threads
Overview of the exhibit.  Photo by Sacred Threads.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sacred Threads Opens Soon

Art is the means we have of undoing the damage of haste. It’s what everything else isn’t.
-Theodore Roethke

Serenity (detail) Linda A Miller
Serenity (detail)

"Serenity" arrived in Virginia this week for the Sacred Threads 2015 exhibition at Floris United Methodist Church, 13600 Frying Pan Park Road, Herndon, VA 20171  

Exhibit Dates: 
Friday, July 10 - Sunday, July 26 
Monday - Saturday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Each artist was asked to record a brief statement for the audio tour that will be available to exhibition visitors.  This option was well received at the previous 2013 exhibit.  The audio is meant to augment the written documentation about the quilts, and enrich the viewers' experience.   

Not going to Virginia?  Let me share my statements with you- 

Wall:  "On daily walks, the warmth of the sun overhead and the feel of the earth below bring me back to my senses.  From that place I am open to inspiration and grateful for nature’s gift." 

Audio: "The sun has been a special symbol that I connect with in my creative and spiritual life.  For me it represents clarity and energy.  I find myself returning over again to this imagery with my artwork.  In the quilt you see before you titled Serenity, the sun brings life giving nourishment to the earth, reaching deep beneath the surface promoting wholeness.  Light and land become balanced." 

To learn more about "Serenity", you can read this post Would you like to see my other sun imagery?  View additional works here.  As always, I would love to hear your comments.

And for those who will attend Sacred Threads, may you enjoy the exhibit!

Linking to Off the Wall Fridays where you can always see fabulous work.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Goodness Rises

"Amazing grace how sweet the sound..."

Heart Broken Open by Linda A Miller 2010
© 2010 Linda A. Miller

Shock and sadness this past month in the wake of the Charleston shootings.  Yet forgiveness also rose up.   I was deeply moved by President Obama's eulogy, including these words chosen from writer Marilynne Robinson "The reservoir of goodness beyond and of another kind that we are able to do for each other in the ordinary cause of things."

Isn't that what life is like?  Our hearts break from pain. Our hearts appreciate joy.  If we remain open with the tenderness, all this can be the food for being fully human.  Not always easy, though.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Afternoon at the Getty

When my nephew suggested a Sunday trip to the Getty Museum I was, of course, up for going despite having recently visited (see my post on the Turner exhibit).  It was a lovely day up on the hill.  Good to see the space and the art through the eyes of family as I (somewhat) led a tour... new discoveries were made going into galleries I had not seen in a while.

Head with Horns by Paul Gauguin

I was captivated by Paul Gauguin's sandalwood sculpture "Head with Horns", acquired by the Getty in 2002.  I could not recall seeing this piece before.  It was mesmerizing.

Now on is a special exhibit of Degas' work -  "Russian Dancers and the Art of Pastel".  Pastel was a  medium of choice, and he was a master. (As a student artist, I made copies of numerous Degas drawings, practicing my craft).  I always enjoy seeing the layers and textures created by the pastel on paper.  The exhibit runs through October 11, 2015.

And some more views for your enjoyment-

La Folie Des Grandeurs (Delusions of Grandeur)
Rene Magritte, 1967
At the Getty Center

With family, overlooking the city...

A good day with family.  Great adventure for the summer solstice!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prayer Flag from Santa Fe

Debby Everett, from Santa Fe New Mexico, has finished her wonderful flag for the Bhavana Project.  She drew inspiration from language ... choosing positive words arranged in colorful circular simplicity.  Thank you for your contribution, Debby!

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Prayer Flag by Debby Everett 2015

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Bhavana Project Prayer Flags 2015

This is the fourth set of the Bhavana Project, with 9 more flags to go in completing this set.  The Bhavana Project is about sharing the goodness in everyday life with others.  Interested?  We would love to have you be a part of this Project.  Learn about participating here.

Linking to Off the Wall Fridays.  Visit the site to see more fabulous work of the artists.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Returning Grace

Shining Grace © 2014 Linda A. Miller
Shining Grace - 24" x 18"
© 2014 Linda A. Miller

"Shining Grace" has returned from exhibition touring with Appearances - Quilts on the Wall Artists.  Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs and Glendale Quilt Show were among the venues showing this special exhibit during this past year.  Nice to have it back!

Briefly about the quilt creation process... employing my shrinkage technique, the magenta/purple section was quilted, washed and dried to develop earthy texture.  The sky area was assembled from a mixture of prints to which I ironed a fusible web (Wonder Under is my preference) to the fabric back. Cutting the cloth into strips, I wove them together.  This weave was ironed to the batting, joined to earth section, and stitched down.  Applique (sun and undulating strips for the land), couching yarn and applying oil sticks followed.  Final hand embroidery stitches were added. 



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