Thursday, May 25, 2017

Off to a New Home

Embryo by Linda A. Miller

I am happy to report that "Embryo" has a new home.  Many thanks to the new owners.  May the quilt bring years of enjoyment. 

You can see more in my brushwork series here.

A post script to my last blog post about Threads of Resistance-  Though my work was not juried into the traveling exhibition (59 were chosen out of 500+ entries), you can see my quilts with all other artwork entries on the Threads of Resistance site, under theme "Other"   This is highly unusual to show all entered artwork for a juried exhibit.  The Artist Circle Alliance curators stated: "We believe that it’s important for all of these artworks to be seen regardless of whether or not we were able to include them in the traveling exhibit and so we created this website to give every artist who submitted work an opportunity to have their artwork seen and their voice heard."  Thank you, Artist Circle Alliance!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Focus and Process

Silence is the ocean of the unsaid, the unspeakable, the repressed, the erased, the unheard.
~ Rebecca Solnit

I have, for the most part, been enjoying the quiet focus of art making.  Here is what I've been up to...  

I wanted to add my voice to the call for Threads of Resistance, an exhibition of work created to protest the current administration’s actions and policies.  As an artist I choose to express my concerns through my work by showing what I support.  Over the months, the word “kindness” kept bubbling up in my consciousness. It became a gentle reminder to slow down when challenges surfaced.  Kindness is needed at this time, for us and for the earth. Kindness became the starting point for this piece. 

I used similar techniques to my Sonata series with ink work, applique, and lots of hand stitching.

With "Kindness" completed, I still had about 10 days before the entry deadline. I decided to make one more quilt.  It was a very focused and purposeful week!  The process was smoother than with the first quilt (no critic acting up).

The idea for "Respect" is linked to the basic tenet of the Women’s March on Washington: Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.  I feel the same could be applied to respect, that all beings deserve equal consideration. May we meet each other with mutual respect.

Both quilts are entered.  I accomplished what I set out to do by choosing not to be silent, and I am happy with the effort, regardless if the work is chosen.  Now it is up to the jurors.  I just learned that there were over 500 entries!  This was an avenue for many voices to share their concerns.  It is going to be an interesting show. 

More words by Rebecca Solnit from her essay A Short History of Silence: "Silence is the ocean of the unsaid, the unspeakable, the repressed, the erased, the unheard.  It surrounds the scattered islands made up of those allowed to speak and of what can be said and who listens.  Silence occurs in many ways for many reasons; each of us has his or her own sea of unspoken words."


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Untethered Thread Reception

Sonata in Blue by Linda A. Miller 2016

The date is set!  The artist reception for SAQA's Untethered Thread exhibit will be held on:
Sunday, June 11 at 1:00 - 3:00p
at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts
15498 Espola Road, Poway 92064

PCPA is a beautiful and spacious venue.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Untethered Thread

Conversation by Linda A. Miller 2017
Conversation by Linda A. Miller 2017

I am pleased to announce that "Conversation" and "Sonata in Blue" have been juried into the upcoming SAQA regional exhibit Untethered Thread at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts from June 1st through June 24th!  Address: 15498 Espola Road, Poway, CA 92064. This is an exhibition of contemporary textiles showcasing the diverse artistic styles and exceptional craftmanship of SAQA regional members from Southern California and Southern Nevada.  I am honored to have work included.

Sonata in Blue by Linda A. Miller 2016
Sonata in Blue by Linda A. Miller 2016

The artist reception date is still to be determined, so stay tuned for more.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Sacred Threads Postcard Project

Sacred Threads QuiltsSacred Threads has a project that will allow you to participate in creating a special display for visitors to this summer's exhibit.  "We would love for you to create a mixed media postcard that illustrates your greatest Hopes and Dreams. Just think, Hopes and Dreams color our everyday perceptions, allow us to imagine how high we can fly, and visualize how bright our desires shine."

Here is a video by curator, Barbara Hollinger:  Sacred Threads Postcard Project

You can be a part of this Sacred Threads Postcard Project, by making one or more of these 6" x 4" cards.  Please keep the cards anonymous.  Deadline is May 31, 2017.  Details here.

Mine are ready to mail.

Friday, March 24, 2017


We dance round in a ring and suppose;
But the secret sits in the middle and knows.
~ Robert Frost
Dialogue by Linda A. Miller

My new quilt, "Dialogue", had a long wait from start to finish.  Several years ago I had pieced the quilt top with bits of my inked lines and commercial fabric, then it sat unfinished.  Something about it was not working and I was not motivated to finish it.  I recently came across the top again, and decided to play with it.  Getting out the rotary cutter, I cut it up, turned parts this way and that.... and liked the effects!  (Sorry, I can't find the original photo to post.)  The piece flowed from there.  Sometimes things work out that way, everything has its own pacing.

Dialogue by Linda A. Miller

This quilt may have been waiting for "face" fabric to arrive.  Adding that particular element allowed the quilt sing for me.

In his recent post David Limrite theorizes why the end result may seem disconnected from your idea at the start.  He writes, "There are twists and turns and changes in motivation. The painting changes course a multitude of times throughout the process."  I would have to agree with that.  How about you?  Read his article for more.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

What's in Progress

Creation unfolds like calm breakers.
Constant slow movement teaches us to keep working
like a small creek that stays clear,
that doesn’t stagnate, 
but finds a way through numerous details, deliberately. 
 ~Rumi, excerpt from “Deliberation”

Work in process, Linda A. Miller
Detail work in process

I have been absorbed in art making...  playing with several ideas.  This quilt began as an exercise from Jane Dunnewold's Creative Strength Training, in the chapter "Learning to Make and Take Time" that encourages slowing down and savoring the process.  It was the perfect entry for me to nudge my creativity back into action.  The exercise was loosely based a game to take a number (originally totaling my age) of random bits of things and put them together.  I began with ink marks on rice paper, which I cut up and appliqued to cloth. (Note to self: let's do more exploring with paper!)  I added fabric swatches on which I had made leaf rubbings.  These were all assembled on the cloth, and the stitching began- embroidery, quilting.  I love the process of needle to cloth.

Conversation by Linda A. Miller
Conversation by Linda A. Miller

All the hand work is solitude time: Joy!  Ideal addition to the already-made commitment to myself to sit (in meditation) everyday. This mini retreat has helped me move away from feeling so hijacked by news and social media.  Allowing some balance to return, even while staying informed and active.  

The word "kindness" has been percolating in me since last fall, with the building divisiveness of pre/post election events.  The small piece below is my first attempt in working on a kindness theme in cloth... still in process, so stay tuned.

Work in process, Linda A. Miller

Be well, friends, and thank you for visiting my blog!  Thanks to Jane Dunnewold for bringing Rumi's "Deliberation" to my attention.

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